A new kind of
music discovery

Compete with friends and create killer playlists with Boombox


Join a public song selection contest to submit songs and vote for the best tunes each round’s theme. Songs are automatically compiled into group playlists that you can listen to on Spotify. Only one will be the Boombox master, but everyone wins through music discovery and killer playlists.


Host your own Boombox league! Invite friends to play in private games. Create personalized playlist competitions and compete to see which of you is the Boombox master.

* Warning: may result in some trash talk and bragging.


  1. Create or join a new contest league.
  2. Select the themes for each round
  3. Submit songs that best match each theme
  4. Listen to a playlist of all the songs submitted
  5. Vote for the songs you like best

Note: Boombox requires a Spotify account (free or premium).

What our fans say

What our fans say